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[thirty days of writing] ★ 9/30 - Prepared

➝ KyoTama

1. Make (something) ready for use or consideration.

Nothing could have prepared Tamaki Suoh for what he had endured that night. No amount of warning could have changed his mind either. No, he was determined to sleep over at Kyoya Ootori’s house.

“Kyoya?” The blond whispered, poking the other boy’s back, “Are you asleep?”

“Yes,” The Shadow King replied, “And you should be too,”

“Oh, okay, goodni- wait, if you’re asleep how did you reply?”

“Sleep talking.”

“Oh. Okay!”

Kyoya glanced over his shoulder at Tamaki; his eyes were closes and he was lying still….until five minutes later.

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I just love you oh so much.

Admin: Bunch of Haiku’s in text format

No but really this was HARD. I write in Iambic pentameter alot, but Haiku’s drive me insane. But this was cute. Really cute. I mean comeon.


PS. Some of theme were poorly edited, and I am sorry if not all the Haiku’s are correct. Sorry.


I knew that I loved you the day that I met you.

Admin Note: a little demanding , but I like it. Personally I think this is really cute. What do you all think?

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Here the oneshot i was talking about!!! And yeah my name on the story is different from the one on

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This is my first OHSHC story. First things first if you don’t like this slash shipping than GTFO. Also this…


I feel you plotting, and I don’t like it one bit.

Admin Notas: Okay,I took a little artistic liberty, but this was WAYYYYY too fun. Like seriously. Thank you Anon. 

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You don’t always have to be Anon you know. I want to make sure that the people who ask get to see their request fulfilled. Just sayin’ 

Kyoya: why does everyone refer to us as husband and wife
Me: Because you are!!!
My Brother: *gives me a look*


Quick, very short thing I wrote for my sister. She gave me an idea of Kyoya and Tamaki after seeing the movie Frozen, and it turned out being one bad Frozen pun after another.

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Please Examine Your Ring Finger.

Admin Time: Hi anon… I feel like you are a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Trifecta fan. Welp, anywho. This was uber fun to write, and if I do say so myself; pretty damn cute.



when u start writing a fic but it turns out you cant handle it